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NITI – New Initiatives for Transforming India

“…..changing minds to change people’s votes
bringing political change
bringing about the right policies for India’s development.”

Niti Digital, is a Digital Media Startup.

“My approach to Niti is that of an entrepreneur
think of the problem differently
see what out-of the-box, disruptive solutions are possible.
The constraint is time, not money……”

Rajesh Jain, Circa 2012.

Innovative Thinking
Out of the box ideas
Any Where
Any Time
Cutting Edge


Niti Central

India’s first Centre Right Digital Media Platform

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India272+ was an Online & On-ground Volunteering Platform for Mission 272+

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India Votes

India's Largest Public Elections Data Resource

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Niti Digital was founded in 2012 by Rajesh Jain to launch New Technology Initiatives for Transforming India with the creation of Niti Central and IndiaVotes.

Underlying each of our Digital Experiments has been a common line of thinking – to affect a bigger shift in what Rajesh refers to as the “Overton Window” on conventional thinking. Our Entrepreneurial Thinking challenged conventional wisdom during the 2014 Campaign through India272+.

Our next Big Idea is on shifting the Overton Window on the conventional thinking on the lack of a constituency for Economic Freedom, Limited Government, Politics of Prosperity and the kind of Reforms India needs.

Think of India 5 years from now with more than 600 million smartphone users and high speed networks. It is this Future India with a large neo-middle class that our next Big Idea aspires to engage.

If you are Inspired by our Vision of a Transformed India and are Passionate about Technology as an Agent of Change, join us in this journey to create the Digital Platform of the Future.

Chief Architect


Should be a Technology Leader in the Software Industry with a proven track record for Innovation and driving early-stage ideas all the way to execution. Should have a background in the Digital Media space with experience in architecting and implementing large scale Consumer facing Digital Platforms encompassing Mobile Apps, Cloud Platforms, Social Media Integration, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning Algorithms, Open APIs based Ecosystem Integration etc.

As Chief Architect you will have to drive the innovation, architecture and the development for our Digital Platform of the Future while working with Internal Project Teams and External Vendors.
- Define and Own the Innovation Roadmap for the Digital Platform
- Design and Own the Platform Architecture, Technology/Vendor Selection
- Oversee the Platform Implementation and future phases of Innovation
- Nurture and Lead a Community of Developers and Ecosystem Apps

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Senior Algorithms Specialist


Accomplished Senior Software Developer with hands-on experience in developing Algorithms based on Machine Learning and other Cutting-Edge Technologies for the Digital Platforms space. Should have worked on large scale consumer facing Digital Platforms encompassing Mobile Apps, Cloud Environments, Social Media Integration, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning etc.. Should be well versed with a wide range of Programming Languages, Development Environments and Industry Standard Frameworks/Libraries.

As a Senior Algorithms Specialist you will,
- Be responsible for driving our Innovation within our Platform of the Future reporting to the Chief Architect
- Be responsible for design and development of new Algorithms to suit the needs of the Platform and the Apps
- Mentor and guide the Development Teams both Internal/External for implementing the Algorithms within our Apps and Platform
- Assist the Chief Architect in managing the Technology Roadmap
- Actively contribute to the Development Community and engage with the Ecosystem of Apps

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Android Developer


2-5 Years experience as Android Developer with a education Background equivalent to Bachelors or Master’s in Computer Science/Information Technology Engineering.

- 2+ years in design and developing applications on Android platform.
- Hands-on experience in design and development of Android Applications.
- Excellent programming and debugging skills in Mobile Java (Android/J2ME).
- Good designing skills based on object-oriented design patterns & frameworks.
- Basic/core Java/OOPS knowledge and an understanding of Java technologies is mandatory.
- Good experience in HTML5.
- Familiarity with graphics & animation capabilities in HTML5.
- Design and develop web interfaces built on HTML5 exclusively for touch-enabled devices like tablets.
- Experience in implementing communication with API servers via web-services using JSON and XML
- Experience with Open GL.
- UI development in mobile framework (Android/J2ME) environment including using of native UI controls and developing of new custom UI Controls.
- Knowledge in Android Internals Like, NDK,SDK, AIDL, OpenGL 2D and 3D graphics, Telephony (GSM, CDMA), WiFi, Bluetooth, Linux Kernel, Camera, Audio, Video, Location and Map library etc.

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Content Executives

Bangalore/New Delhi

Fresh Graduates and recent entrants to the News Media Industry with a Background in Journalism or Mass communication or Public Policy or Political Science or Economics.

- Digital Content Executive (Politics and Political Economy).
- Can you analyze and write on Politics and Political Economy related News and Opinions ?
- Are you Social Media savvy ?
- Do you have a creative flair for snappy headlines and pithy commentary ?
- Are you passionate about new ways of reaching your audience through Digital Media ?
- Do you believe you can make your Political Opinions count with your sharp writing ?
- Can you dissect Political Economy and Public Policy related issues for a mass audience ?
- Are you up for making boring Statistical Data and Politico-Economic Reports cool to read Digitally ?
- Are you geeky enough to Google for Rapid Research and Quick Analysis to enrich your writing ?

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Entrepreneurial Thinking

About Us

Niti Digital was conceived by Rajesh Jain as a vehicle for disruptive innovation in the Digital Media Landscape to creatively engage the digitally savvy Indian Citizen.

Founded in 2012, Niti Digital is inspired by the motto of “New Ideas for Transforming India”. We believe that Digital Technologies will play a pivotal role in India’s Transformation and we foresee Niti Digital at the forefront of that transformation with our Platforms.

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    Rajesh Jain

    MD & Founder
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    Shashi Shekar


Led and Managed by a Professional Team of Technology and Media veterans

Rajesh Jain is the founder and managing director of Netcore, one of India's largest digital real-time communications companies.

Shashi is a Digital Strategist and Innovator with his roots in the Information Technology Industry having worked at Infosys for several years. Shashi joined Niti Digital in 2013 as Chief Digital Officer to play a critical role in the Mission272+ Digital Campaign during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Shashi who is an alumnus of IIT Bombay, assumed the role of CEO in 2014 overseeing all of Niti Digital's Platforms and Innovations.